Black Politicians in USA all white trash fake black You China Communist is the biggest Rebel, you need to do your duty to tell Asian, Africa, Middle East 賣房子, and Latin America, that they must not have election, their nati 租房子onal future must be decided by their own military chief or Rebel head only. Because only 買屋 real White leader does not lie. That how Russia can, China, Taiwan, HongKong cannot, not mention HisPanic lie 住商房屋s, Black wild.Black Politicians in USA like Obama, Condi Rice, Lee Brown, Shila Jackson Lee, Max. Water(that sucking Calif. fem 設計裝潢ale dressed animal Congress, that I don't remember how to spell her first name. ) all white trash fake black worse than any real white trash or any real ye 商務中心llow trash. Because Black has natural good sense (You just need to see the USA film showed how blacks know the gun must be used for killing instead of threatening to figure it ou 設計裝潢t by yourself.) , not ever committed the forceful crimes  like sucking white trash fake blacks Obama, Condi Rice, Shila Jackson Lee, Max.Water showed.  (except Lee Brown, because I d 房地產id not ever see he ever showed his forceful eyes in front of the public, however, he sucked showing his personal picture in the IAH airport already showed he's too suck to be a USA politician.)Obama, Condi Rice,Shila 酒店兼職Jackson Lee, Max.Water must all be killed immediately for the forceful crimes they committed in front of the public eyes.  .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 膠原蛋白  .

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