Licensed killer, do your duty, kill those worse than Dog's "Huang.Whore". [你???人的?我已??掉了,再此就不?你做任何??,留?你的主?,是?大家都看到你是只?狗就?了! ]This showed you don't qualify to be any 吧主, because anyone call Chinese named 王桂英 as ?狗 must worse than ?狗, must be killed immediately by any unselfish warriors. You deleted partial of my post is an act of "Huang.Whore" crime, you abuse so called 吧主 force to slaved by worse than "Dog" gang(("回复15?的朋友,因??有及?的?掉?狗的?,?不起。可是那只?狗什么?候?,什么?候走,我并不知道啊?好冤哦!我能做的就是每天用??小?左右的????看看,除此之外,我?要工作,?要吃?啊。呵呵,所以敬??解!" "回复新吧主,你不用用?多的理由?解?????,我只是看到那只?狗的帖子很气?,又不能?.?于你?的要工作要吃?大家都能理解!"), you should be killed imm 宜蘭民宿ediately. Therefore, those stupid bad ugly evil posters No.6 "218.244.8.* 2007-8-9 21:29 "(不知道是哪家屋?的?狗?得人管) No.15 作者: 221.219.58.* 2007-8-10 07:42( 既然???狗????里??)No.16 作者: 58.17.146.* 2007-8-10 08:29  (怎么???狗越?越猖狂了)No.17 作者: 童安格音?朋友 2007-8-10 09:55 ("是?大家都看到你是只?狗就?了" "因??有及?的?掉?狗的?,?不起。可是那只?狗什么?候?") No.18 作者: 61.51.48.* 2007-8-10 11:13 (我只是看到那只?狗的帖子很气?,又不能?.?于你?的要工作要吃?大家都能理解!) Must be killed because of committed "Huang.Whore" crimes, "Zhong.Call.Swall.Jean.", calling one Chinese rooted as "?狗" means calling every Chinese rooted "狗". They should be all killed, because they are worse than any Japanese who posted sign in front of the 賣房子ir Park marked "Chinese and Dog must not be allowed to enter." those Japanese at least still clear minded to see Chinese is human being form difference from animal Dog. Chinese man, gets your guns, gets your intelligent, kill all those who worse than they called "?狗" "Huang.Whore" gang.The above comments supposed posted 回复此?言 but sealed by "Huang.Whore" gangsters criminal group "Yu.Ja(cket).Zhi.Jway" "你的网?地址由于非法操作被封 ??返回" ( 网?地址 numbers assigned by their own system; [非法操作]? if it belongs to China Communist web force, China Communist is lawless, "法從.Her.Lie"?, if it belongs to world wide web site, "法從.Her.Lie"?) I think Taiwan law makers should discuss this point with HongKong Law Makers to take pro 裝潢per action to deal with "Huang.Whore" gangsters, you need to know that "Huang.Whore" gangsters cannot be satisfied with only one 王桂英 victim. I think world wide web masters should place warning to alert posters that anyone calling any poster as "Dog" "Wolf" or whatever animal FORMs he or she is the "Huang.Whore" criminal caught on the web site can be killed lawfully by anyone who has the guts to do the killing. How come calling your web site posters "?狗" is an act of "Huang.Whore" crime? because they obviously sin you like animal Dog "Bi.Call.Mwall.Ben" that against world wide web basic principle that providing the public place in order to help powerless individual to show the individual pen power. Yes, "Huang.Whore" gangsters criminals not fear to be killed, this is what making you kill 酒店兼職ing of them right, you must not use force to scare or threaten, you use force to do your duty, they have the guts to "Chain.Fool.Hold.G.", you must have the strength and determination to kill as many as their lots, you don't have the determination and toughness to kill them individually when they not lots, you are not good enough to own fire arms; you don't have the guts to bumb them once for all when they grouped lots, you don't qualify to own bumbs on your lock. Yes, I am kind afraid to die, however, I know like or not, fear or not, I will die sooner or later, therefore, you don't need to chase anyone who has the best sniper skill to kill me that gives me the fastest flash to leave. Taiwan law makers, you need to know that Mainland China is your future, if you can help Mainland China like USA or better than 開幕活動USA, you can have good tomorrow; if you sink Mainland China like hells, you all have no tomorrow; therefore, you must have the honest eyes to see you are loser, you are loser, you must make sure you are GOOD loser, because only good loser can have the opportunity to get second chance to win; therefore, you must respect the rest of the world that banned you from official sight, you need send your message all through the consensus with HongKong law makers, HongKong is all Taiwanese and Chinese future, because HongKong is the place the world wide to test the China Communist credit, China Communist is lawless, Godless, their only option is the power of honesty, HongKong is the place to measure the only good remaining the China Communist must hold the power of honesty. HongKong is the place you can still be able to use your law and order, fair and b 情趣用品alance to get your best minority to be respected to be accepted. Communicate your concern, your fearing, your worry with HongKong law makers honestly, you are all Chinese, Chinese problem can only be solved when you less evil, good better best Chinese willing to communicate honestly, work together sincerely. You want to help Mainland China like USA or better than USA, you must guard your powerless individual to have the right to speak freely in the world wide web site, you must not allow any "Huang.Whore" gangsters to block any your individual from posting his or her comments, you must not dare anyone like those who called me "?狗" , delete my comments partially (notice, partially is a crime of "Huang.Whore" most frequently "G.Liang".) seeing your individual freedom of speech like nothing; you must demand your government respect man's right to own fire arms 土地買賣inside his own house; you must see "Killing" like Chinese good tradition had showed in long life Dynasty time as "Gall.Sue.Nile.Lwon.Jway."; if you follow the mentioned principle honestly, you will sooner or later be good like USA or even better than USA. Because those policy can help you enpower power less individual, enpower the best minority, the same time may help cut the "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" population to help you to afford enjoying big natural space like USA has. There's no way to use force to govern, if Mainland China has good remaining, you can always have all winners if you have big heart good will mankind leadership; when Mainland China lost all good remaining, you must know you rather die than live, therefore, you must fire all your missiles to flat Mainland China every inches of movement. I don't think Mainland China wants to use force to take over TAiwan in any way, bec 太平洋房屋ause Taiwan too small to load their piles of bomb shells, they have so much bombs in stocks, either too corrupted to control the money laundary, or just get ready to kill enemy inside themselfs. "Huang.Whore" is like a uncurable disease, they have all good better best man's patience, solidity, "Ren.Rule.Fool.Zhong", the only difference is they don't have ability to win in good way, therefore, they want to dragon down every one to be losers, they don't want to have peace with any less evil, naive, good better best anyone, they just want to dragon down everyone once for all. This is why you must have the tough love to kill them as the first sign showed up to help them from falling deeper deepest, to help your less evil from dragon down by them. How to tell who's "Huang.Whore" gangsters, who just a less evil liar? The one who ORALLY calling God name frequently in your daily conversations, go to c 系統傢俱hurch for social gethering, the same time seeing lies like daily meals, yes, the temples and churches full of those evil doers. Therefore, you should not think you can meet your good spouse in church or temple sight. If church and temple can help you find good spouse, Taiwan has lots of those sites, USA adding more every year, how come the society not become better along with their numbers built up? For someone stay alone most of the time to lie to stranger or duck to your question is a coward, a less evil liar, your stupid bad ugly evil civilians may have had done like that, it is not right, but they are not "Huang.Whore" criminal; your politicians and public office workers must not allowed to do like that, because coward and stupid bad ugly evil doers must not allowed to seat in public position to bend to lie.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 網路行銷  .

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